Why Hire a Professional?


Not having a sharpened résumé and online profile may cost you money and time, not to mention oodles of frustration.  Optimizing your professional marketing materials for the next part of your career journey can make all the difference.


Having an outside perspective from a trained professional will help you to identify your achievements, highlight your strengths, and better position the gaps. We often tend to downplay our achievements and regurgitate our responsibilities. This can be detrimental for positioning ourselves in the job market.

My unique professional background has given me the tools to help identify and extract those compelling career stories you need to convey for the attention you seek.

Get Past the Robot (authentically)

When the clock is ticking and you need some attention from potential employers, the right message is important. In today’s world, it’s almost always the “robot”, known as the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, determining how well you match with a position before a human takes a look. It’s imperative to have the right details.

The right layout is also essential. Designer résumés are very popular right now and understandably so; they add color, graphics, and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, they also have a lesser chance of making it through the ATS because of these elements. While designer résumés are highly relevant for certain careers, it can be detrimental. The good news? Your new résumé can have a modern designer look while still being ATS-friendly.

Impress the Gatekeepers

Your résumé may travel far before finding its way to the hands of a key decision maker. Typically, your information is first reviewed by a recruiter (internal or external) or a Human Resources professional before making it to the Hiring Manager. It is a bit of a science and an art to create a résumé that is both ATS-friendly and compelling for the human.

Partner with a Professional Résumé Writer & experienced Career Coach to set yourself apart!