What can career coaching do for you?


Career Path Exploration

As we are gaining experience - both in life and work - we are also gaining deeper insight to our ever-evolving values and interests. What was important to us then may not be as important today.

Depending on your current station and desired destination, a Career Coach may be the Sherpa you need. Discover your path as we leverage assessments and uncover the possibilities driven by thoughtful, direct, and engaging questioning. The process is intended to give you the clues you need for your next adventure.

Transition Support

Navigating the job market with guided best practices can save you time, money, and tears (much like a polished résumé and LinkedIn profile!). Popular topics include:

  • Refining your “Elevator Pitch”

  • Identifying your Target Market

  • Online Application Tips & Tricks

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interviews (my specialty)

  • Networking Best Practices

  • Money Talk and Salary Negotiation

Please contact me for coaching rates.